JA Engineering

Underground Mining

 JA Engineering has invested significantly in technology for the repair of large traction planetaries and gearboxes.

JA Engineering is ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

Head office located in Jet Park, Boksburg, South Africa, JA Engineering manufactures and distributes new OEM equipment and aftermarket parts from its Jet Park facility to its local service centers and collieries.

JA Engineering has 80% of Market Share for battery scoops in the South African coal mining industry.

It is JA Engineering’s long term vision to be recognised as a full systems equipment provider of underground equipment to the coal mining industry. 

Underground OEM Equipment

Repair and Rebuild

Repair and Rebuild Services
• Continuous miners, shuttle cars, roof bolters, feeder
breakers and battery haulers.

Field Service Support
• Machine inspections
• Electrical and mechanical sub-assemblies and spares
• Fault finding expertise
• Gearbox repairs
• Line boring
• JAE Pempek control system

Extensive Aftermarket Support
Through quality reverse engineered solutions as an alternative to the OEM.