JA Engineering

Surface Mining


Repair and rebuild services include:

  • Blasthole drills
  • Rope shovels
  • Draglines


Machine Inspections:

  • Mechanical repairs
  • Gearbox repairs
  • Line boring
  • Mast repairs on rope shovels
  • Shaft repairs on walking draglines
  • Complete machine shutdown project management – key turnaround time

JAE Aftermarket Capabilities:

• Bucyrus
• P&H
• Marion

• Pit Viper
• Twin boom
• Sandvik

Dragline Repairs

Full repair of hoists and drag drum assemblies.

Gear Assembly
• Weld and machine bolt holes
• Repair locating spigot on drums
• Machine and supply fitted bolts for gear assembly
• Inspect run out of gears

Drum Assembly
• Weld and repair all holes
• Repair spigots for drum to drum
• Repair spigots for spider to drum

Units are supplied complete with all bolts fitted

Full repair to Boom point assembly
• Repair stub axels
• Repair frames
• Repair sheave wheels
• New stub axels machined from a forging

Full housing repair
• Replacement of rooms
• Repair of bearing horns
• New base plates
• New lid
• New end covers
• Complete with all bolts
• Repair motor pedestals
NB: 24 hour, 2 shift cycle on all 4 gearboxes simultaneously
24 – 28 days turn around time

Full repair of Fairleads
• Repair sheave wheels
• Repair heads
• Manufacture new frame, tyre brackets, rollers, clevis’s,
pins and bushes

Full repair of Mast Deflecting Assembly
• Repair sheaves
• New frame, shafts and small guide wheels
• Small guide wheel unique to JAE, these prevent the cable from whipping and dislodging from the sheave wheel